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The type of detox is based on the addict’s level of addiction and the substance that they are addicted to. In social detoxification, clients participate in a residential or outpatient rehabilitation program and do not normally require clinical supervision. Educational classes, support meetings, and group counseling are some great benefits of completing social detoxification. Medically supervised detoxification (sometimes called medically supervised withdrawal) calls for admission to a hospital or clinical health center, and regularly includes the assistance of medication. An educated clinical staff must supervise this type of detoxification to make sure that the client is safe and sound.

When people suffer from deep addiction, abruptly stopping the use of a substance, like illegal drugs, prescription medication, or alcohol, can be a terrifying concept, not to mention dangerous and also life-threatening. Generally, people who have tried to stop using at least once have used the ‘cold turkey’ approach, or tried to use their willpower to stop. Partially because substance addiction is very powerful, and partially because the underlying reasons for the use of drugs or alcohol have not been dealt with, attempts to quit using without certified help usually fail. Medical provides believe that detox is an essential process and a crucial step towards recovery. It is important to now that rehab and detox have different objectives.

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